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My name is PINK OCULUS.

I am a SINGING MC or

Whichever you prefer.
I qualify

& ACT in this film called life

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Sincerely, PINK OCULUS



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Anonymous asked:

Hello I am intrigued with your Who is Pink Oculus video and I think it was really beautiful! I wanted to know what religion you follow or what your spirituality consist of. I myself want to become more spiritual but I am scared to make that change because my family & friends are religious. I just want to surround myself with like minded, creative, & open people and let go of my fears. Sorry about the long message I am just a really big fan of your art!

I answered:

Hey anonymous :)

Thank you so much for your message! I’m not religious, however I was raised in the church. Not deeply IN the church but I was baptised, had my first communion I had it all. But as I got older I couldn’t identify with the church anymore. Not condemning it but moving away from it. I then got into black consciousness and became aware of the black presence throughout the ages. That shifted how I viewed everything around me. Architecture, music, literature, spirituality. Now I’m diving deep into the god within me. That’s how Pink Oculus came to me. Accepting my spirit and vibration. Allowing whatever is within me to come out.

Right now I’m reading about Taoism, it resonates with me. Still haven’t joined any religion. I might start my own :) who knows.

Don’t be afraid to dive deep and see whatever comes to you. You’re beautiful. Your family may not understand, but your extended fam might. If they don’t understand either, don’t be afraid to go look for your family. You have that freedom. Just have fun with it and look your fear square in the eye!

Blessings :)

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