Pink Oculus


Who Am I

My name is PINK OCULUS.

I am a SINGING MC or

Whichever you prefer.
I qualify

& ACT in this film called life

Get To Know Me

Sincerely, PINK OCULUS



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Anonymous asked:

Hi, I bought your song sweat immediately after I saw your performance on DWDD and I've listen to it more than a few times. LOVE IT!!! If I remember well you talked about an album coming soon. Can you tell me wenn it's gonna come? Would love to hear more from you! Pieter

I answered:

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support.

I have new music coming soon, stay updated by liking me on Facebook.

Blessings and Love

Anonymous asked:

Hi Pink Oculus! You are really amazing and without a doubt you are a really talented singer. The band is also great! I Hope you will visite us very soon in France. See U there! Friendly yours, Théo Pamphile.

I answered:

Hi Théo! Thank you so much. I hope to visit you soon as well. I’m sure we will be able to play in France soon. Stay updated by liking me on Facebook.


Anonymous asked:

I do not have anything to ask but i like you and your musicians very much, also the fact of "aura feelings" i like your video. Just a Frisian who works international. Greetz and Good luck in the future, you cheer my day!

I answered:

Thanks a lot! 

And thanks for sharing the love.

Keep checking us out

Love Pink Oculus

Anonymous asked:

where are you performing next months? greetz marinus

I answered:

Hi Marinus,

The next few performances.

north sea jazz club feb 28th in Amsterdam, Holland

dampsessies march 7th in Brugge, Belgium

sunday music sessions march 16th in Rotterdam, Holland.


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